A downloadable game

Indulge yourself in this punny collectathon. Unlock new abilities as you progress through the game. Save your own world without violence. The endless puns and goofy story will give you the feeling of nostalgia.


One day, Harry, a father of 30, goes to the store with his children to buy some groceries. While paying for the groceries, the kids were excited to leave and begged to run off ahead. Harry let them run off; telling them he'd catch up in a few minutes. After the children hopped away, Harry began putting away the groceries into his jacket; a magical jacket that could carry everything and anything in its pockets. In awe of such an amazing jacket, a stoat named Diesel appeared behind Harry, asking where he could get a jacket like his. When Harry stated this was the only one of its kind, Diesel demanded to have the jacket; paying any amount to obtain it. However, Harry assured to him that this jacket was priceless, a family heirloom, and would never be for sale. Harry left the store, leaving Diesel furious. After the long walk home, Harry went into his house expecting to hear his children hopping around and having a good time. However, the house was silent. He searched their usual hiding spots but couldn't find them. Instead, he found a note on the front porch that wasn't there before. On the note was a childish drawing of what looked like an evil stoat. Now knowing the culprit, Harry runs out of his home, in search of Diesel to save his children.

Published Oct 12, 2016
StatusIn development